Online Learning for Orchestra Majors

Message from Dr L (March 30, 2020):

The amount of work I will be assigning will be on the light side. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm students (and families) during this time. Also, the district has not yet given us any information about grading procedures for online work.

I am asking that you complete the assignments to the best of your ability under the current circumstances. There’s been some talk of using a pass/fail system this grading period, but this is not yet official policy. You will have several choices for assignments. The content will not be “busy work” but material that will improve your knowledge of music and your instrument.

Below is the information for Google Classroom, which is where you will need to access orchestra class materials online. I will be available to answer any questions you may have during the office hours posted below. If these times don’t work for you. Please email me to find another time. I’m also available to speak with you about other issues you may have. Assignments may appear on the website as soon as this week (although we are officially on Spring Break) and certainly before 4/7.

Officer Hours:
Middle School M-F 1:00-2:00:
High School M-F 2:00-3:00:

Google Classroom:
Middle School (Sinfonia) class code: 3yv7cla
High School Strings class code: 2ewrfhr
High School Full Orchestra (Honors) class code: ecripbw
Chamber Music class code: 47b5fbr

DSAO is an intensive program for string musicians seeking to develop their talent, understanding, and passion for music. As the Rocky Mountain Region’s only public 6-12 school for the arts, and a member of the Denver Public Schools, DSA welcomes promising young students who seek a challenging and inspiring environment in which to pursue their musical passion. 

The DSAO serves talented and dedicated string musicians who play the violin, viola, cello or double bass. Our program explores a diverse spectrum of musical styles and genres with an emphasis on classical technique and repertoire. Admittance into the program is by successful audition. Auditions are open to any student living in the United States. Although most of our students come from Colorado, students from as far away as Texas, Wisconsin and Florida have recently joined our orchestras.

Please contact Dr. Enrique Lasansky, Director of Orchestras, at  if you have any questions about the program.

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