High School Assignments

FALL 2018 Preliminary Seating Audition:

We will no longer require Western States orchestral excepts. Instead we will use pieces that DSAO will be playing in 2018-19.

  • Tchaikovsky String Serenade
  • Violin: 1st. mov: L-N,      Waltz m181- end,   4th mov: m108-letter E
  • Viola: 1st. mov:  m 218-m 235,  Waltz 5 after D to letter E,  4th mov m108 to letter C
  • Cello 1st. mov: m 177 to m 189  and   m.226 -m 265,  Elegy m79-m96  4th mov. letter B to m.128
  • Bass 1st. mov: m226 -249  and m 275- m293 Waltz m95-m103 Elegy m109-m136 4th mov. m192-m 232


  • A classical  solo of your choice demonstrating lyrical and technical abilities.
  • Please prepare both of these scales, three octave:  Db Major and C# melodic minor.

No sight reading at the audition.