Middle School Assignments

Spring 2018 Playing Test excerpts:

Violin I:
Bartok 2nd.  movement bar 17-end.
4th. mov.  bars 3-18

Adagio for strings bars 47-51

Violin II:
Bartok 6 to end

Adagio for Strings 4-5

Bartok: VII movement. Number 7 to the end

Adagio for Strings: Number 2 to number 3.

Troika: Pickup to measure 55 to measure 63

Adagio for strings 3-5

Bartok “Poarga Romaneasca” 5 to the end

Adagio for Strings beginning

Bartok mov. 5-Number 5 to the end

DSAO Handbook Assignment:

Each student and her/his parent or legal guardian are required to read and agree to the terms presented in this handbook. The handbook acknowledgement contract at the end of this document must be e-mailed to Administrative Assistant Terrie Tyree: tyreeworld@centurylink.net by 8/25/17. This form will constitute the first assignment and is worth 100 pts if it’s turned in on time. If you have any questions regarding the information contained here, please feel free to contact Dr. Lasansky.

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Middle School Fall Preliminary Placement information:

UPDATE: The preliminary placement auditions will be held on Sept. 5 – 7.

For new and existing middle school students, prepare a solo piece of your choice along with one major scale, one melodic minor scale (two octaves with 0-3 sharps or flats), and one two-octave chromatic scale. Three octave scales are optional. You will also be asked to sight read.

Preparing these materials during the summer will put you in great shape to begin DSAO!
Dr. Lasansky

This year all students except Seniors will be required to play juries. The jury will consist of two scales (same requirements as DSA auditions-see website under:apply) and one movement of a major solo piece.  Juries will begin after the final concerts in May.